Sélley Éva


Basically I am a physics teacher, graduated from ELTE University, Faculty of Natural Sciences.

I have been practicing alternative movement and massage therapies including Thai, Shiatsu, Yumeiho massages, yoga, Thai chi, Do-in and Waitankung.

From 2005 on, I was member of the board of examiners at the Institute for Health Education, faculty of Alternative Movement and Massage Therapy, for approximately 8 years.

I am MA-URI massage therapist since 1999.

LOMI-LOMI massage therapist since 2001.

I am a full-blown Prananadi master. Level 10 healer, level 4 reincarnation journey assistant, level 3 in meditation technique.

This is not the size of my ego but of my tool case. 

Since 2010, I am a qualified craniosacral therapist by the International Upledger Institute (CST1 and CST2+ exams).

I have been practicing Shang Gung since 2004, several times a day if possible.

My goal is to improve my clients’ wellbeing on the fastest and most efficient way.