Lomi-lomi massage


Ancient, sacred Hawaiian healing massage. We may recognize dozens of elements of contemporary massage techniques in these thousand-years-old, harmonic set of movements. Lomi means the kneading movement of a content cat – similarly the masseuse uses her soft underarm and fleshy part of her palm to relax muscles and joints.

Hand movements, prayers to the body and special breathing techniques all serve the cleansing of body & soul, and the restoration of completeness.

The treatment of 1-1.5 hours can be complemented with ritual body scrub or body wash therapies, as well as hot lava stone massage. During the treatment, underwear can stay on the body.

Lomi-lomi massage summons great strength and helps you find harmony with yourself and the world.


1 hour-long treatment (1.5 hours of stay): HUF 15000
1.5 hours-long treatment (2 hours of stay): HUF 20000

MA-URI massage


A long-lasting sensation of purity, deep inner peace and a lithe body is provided by the 1 to 1.5 hours-long ma-uri massage. The treatment is a clothes-free massage, but upon request, the client can stay in clothing.


1 hour-long treatment (1.5 hours of stay): HUF 15000
1.5 hours-long treatment (2 hours of stay): HUF 20000

Hot Stone massage


Using round, warmed-up Hawaiian lava stones, the masseuse thoroughly works over the muscles and puts the stones on/under/beside the body. The body cools down simultaneously with the stones, absorbing their slow, calm energy. The beautiful, dark pebbles almost become one with the body. When the stones are removed after the nearly 2 hours-long massage, a sensation of deep calmness and incredible lightness remains.

The stones have arrived from the island of Maui, with the hawaiikahuna blessing of Kaleo Oka Aina. The hot stone massage is perfectly suited for people living a stressful life or for those especially attracted to the realm of crystals and stones.


1 hour-long treatment: HUF 15000
Massage teaching: HUF 25000 (2 hours)

Craniosacral therapy


Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a highly effective and particularly pleasant therapy based upon modern neuroscientific and anatomical discoveries.

It is based on the finding, that the circulation rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid nurturing the brain and the spinal cord is affected by tensions inside the body. Such blockades can be formed for example between the bones of the skull, along the spinal cord, or practically anywhere inside the body. The craniosacral treatment dissolves these blockades and activates the areas necessary for harmonic operation through the exceptionally tender and careful micro-manipulation of bones of the skull and the sacrum.

The therapy has been overly successful in treating neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, migraine, birth traumas and postoperative complications, learning difficulties, autoimmune diseases, imbalances of the hormonal and the nervous system, as well as many other health issues. It has a positive boosting effect on every bodily function regulated by the central nervous system (i.e. the brain and the spinal cord).

Craniosacral treatment is performed at a scheduled appointment, in hygienic and harmonic environment. Its essence is to release the sheets of connective tissue (fascia) along the spinal cord, and to manipulate the skull bones at exact points, applying exact techniques, matching the different structures and functions of the sutures (joints between the skull bones). Bones of the facial skeleton are treated as well.

The therapy relies on the practice, that the abnormal position and movement of the skull bones can be corrected through micro-manipulation, releasing the tension accumulated in the membranes, connective tissues and joints throughout the body. The treatment harmonizes the flow and regulates the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid.

The duration of the treatment is approximately 70 minutes. Clients are kindly requested to wear loose (casual) clothes, and lay on their back on a comfortable massage bed. Between two treatments, an interval of 7-10 days is recommended, and after 3-4 treatments, it is advised to repeat the treatment every 2-3 months.

For the first appointment, clients are kindly asked to bring a written ‘body history’ – a list of injuries, operations, childbirths, contagious illnesses etc. on a sheet of paper.

Craniosacral therapy can help with following complaints:

  • Asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis
  • Autizmus, epilepszia
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive disorders, menstrual disorders
  • Headache, migraine, vertigo, neuralgic pain
  • Dental problems and jaw joint disorders
  • Tinnitus and other middle ear problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Exhaustion, insomnia, chronic fatigue
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Postoperative complications
  • Orthopaedic complaints, spine disorders
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Heart and cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure
  • Perinatal complications, birth traumas
  • Any kind of chronic diseases or frailty

The therapy cannot be applied in case of acute stroke, skull injury, acute cervical fracture, meningitis or brain herniation.

Craniosacral therapy is an independent treatment method, though it can be effectively combined with traditional and alternative methods as well.

CST was developed by Dr. John E. Upledger, an American medical professor and osteopath, after he discovered the existence of the craniosacral system during a neurosurgical operation in the 1970’s. CST has become since then one of the leading alternative medical procedures in the world.

I have learned and practiced the treatment method on the International Upledger Institute’s certified education programs.

Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Level 2 Certification of Craniosacral Therapy Level 3


1 hour-long treatment: HUF 15000

Shang Gung image


Shang Gung is a series of movements of Tibetan – according to other sources, of Chinese – origin. It doesn’t require a huge space, neither physical strength, movement coordination, nor a great deal of time. Learning the technique takes 2 hours, the exercise only 15 minutes.

The daily practice of Shang Gung gives you:

  • instant power up
  • better vision end hearing
  • better digestion and a boost of every bodily function, including memory
  • peaceful sleep, balanced emotional life
  • refined and strengthened intuition
  • more beautiful hair
  • experiencing connectedness with others and the easy feeling of emptiness

If you would like to join the weekly free Shang Gung group exercise, please sign up previously in email!

Shang Gung exercise group facebook page

Some accounts of members of the Shang Gung exercise group:

"My father’s right arm and right hand have been paralyzed for 8 years. The muscles and nerves wasted away. I have been practicing Shang Gung next to him once a week for 1.5 years. Now he can move his arm and use his hand, even if clumsily."
"I can hear! I can hear what I haven’t heard before: bird song. Before this, I had tinnitus. But I don’t hear that anymore. People recognize me; they look at me on the street and give me way at the door."
"I always do my mind control exercise after Shang Gung, since it is much easier. Once I have touched a wilted potted parsley after practice. You should have seen that growth spurt afterwards!"
"If I practice regularly, I get lucky. I always arrive at the same time with the bus to the bus stop and whoever I think of, calls me immediately. My premonitions are getting finer as well."
"I usually practice Shang Gung right next to the forest. Animals behave like I just wasn’t there, they literally come to my feet."
"Once I had severe facial nerve inflammation. I received strong antibiotics for that, but when the medication was gone, the pain still remained. I haven’t practiced Shang Gung for a long time before, but thought I will give it a try. I could hardly believe, but by the time I finished the practice, the pain was already gone."
"I’ve never had an ordinary menstrual cycle. I suffered from great pain and strong bleeding, and sometimes even half a year has passed between two periods. Since I’ve been doing Shang Gung, I have my period every 28 days, it lasts only for 2 days and most importantly I am pain-free. I have also lost weight."
"My hair has become thicker and curlier since I’ve began practicing Shang Gung."
"I work in the service industry. I do Shang Gung for the money. I realized if I practice Shang Gung, I have a lot of work, but if I don’t, people don’t come to me."
"I was treated with depression. I have been on medication for many decades. Now I can even sleep without pills. Spending 15 minutes a day with Shang Gung is not too high price for this. If I can, I do it even twice a day."
"I have started doing Shang Gung one month after giving birth, because I was really exhausted. Since I’ve been exercising, I can easily get up at night. I am not bothered by anything. People keep asking me, how come I look so great? My husband started practicing it too; it is great for him as well. Once we had an argument and I thought he was going to skip practice, because he only did it for my sake. But the next day he confessed he did it in the garage."


Exercise course HUF 25000 Ft
After this, free group exercise once a week,
learning opportunity for close family members (from the same household)

Bach therapy


Preparation of a personally designed flower remedy, to improve the emotional state of the client.

According to Dr. Edward Bach, an English medical doctor, the cause of illness is ultimately if we under-, or overvalue ourselves. He found medicines, which can harmonize these emotional imbalances by altering the gut flora. Then he searched for plants, which can provide the same effect, but on a safe and natural way. A personal remedy can be mixed from the 39 different flower essences, to help you through a difficult period in a very short time.


HUF 3000, only as complementary therapy

Reinkarnation image


Reincarnation journey helps to conjure up events of one previous or this current life, in order to change earlier decisions impacting the present.

Frequently asked questions about reincarnation journey:

When should I take the journey?

If you are stuck in a process, or feel troubled seemingly without a reason. If you have questions about why you have to deal with a certain person or a recurring unpleasant situation.

What are the exclusion criteria?

Pacemaker, being under the influence (alcohol, drugs), psychosis, being under 18 years of age.

What can I expect from the journey?

Greater self-knowledge. Diminishing the fear of death. Understanding the underlying history of complicated relationships, and instant relief of emotional tensions. More efficient and happier life, clearing of internal obstacles.

How does it work?

You rest on your back, there is a candle lit on your right. You settle down a little bit (no worries if you can’t), I put my hands on your forehead and your belly for 2 minutes and we start talking. I ask you to imagine a wonderful, green meadow, and you describe for me how you see it. At a certain point of the conversation, the images have already led you to the start of the journey. Then I say: Now you have arrived in a past life… I will not trick you. Provided that you are not traveling back into your present life, I will also guide you through the experience of death, and even after that there will be a ton of work. It is favourable if you have questions regarding your state of health and your current way of life. You will not be in hypnosis, you can always get up and go out to the bathroom, drink, wipe your nose etc. and then we can continue.

How should I behave?

The only challenge is not to devalue or criticise yourself. ‘Am I doing it right? Am I really traveling?’ If you need help, just let me know.

Do I need talent for this?

Everybody is able to do the reincarnation journey, who has a human brain/mind. You will only see what you need to see, and what you can still process.

Is it difficult?

Nope. It’s super easy  You just relax, as if you were sitting in front of a white canvas. If you need help with anything, just let me know. The journey is not about the comfort, but the challenge! It’s goal is not solely to have you experience past events, but to find the roots of decisions, beliefs and vows, which restrict you in your current life, and to change and repeal these. As well as to reconcile troubled relationships. The technique ensures that you only see the life and the particular events that you need to see, and you don’t experience/don’t bring over any physical, neither emotional pain. The energy is really powerful, you will actually shine afterwards, and life will never be the same again.


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Oceanian Massage room


  • thai massage
  • Zen shiatsu
  • Do-in, meridian harmonising and self-massage techniques
  • breathing practices
  • tai chi exercises
  • The Five Tibetan Yoga practice
  • 8 Brocades Qigong practice
  • basis of Yoga


1 hour-long treatment: HUF 10000
Massage teaching: HUF 25000 (2 hours)